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I'm Lianne, and I describe myself as a curious and empathetic applied social psychologist. I just graduated from UC Berkeley and am interested in exploring how user experience research can inform design strategies and inspire behavior change.

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Current Projects

While all of my recent work is under NDA, I'd love to chat in person about it! 

Aible for Business

Assessing the usability of a machine learning based business data analytics software for non-data savvy users. 

Student Food Waste

How might we help students notice the dollar cost and environmental impact of tossing their extra food and promote the reduction of off-campus student food waste?



My name is Lianne and I am currently an Associate UX consultant at UXReactor. I graduated from UC Berkeley this past May with a degree in Psychology and a Certificate in Design Innovation.


I have worked on a variety of projects and internships, developing my skills as a UX researcher and psychologist. I have always been curious about the drivers of human behavior, the cognitions, heuristics, and cultural norms that influence the choices we make. This curiosity led me to major in Psychology at UC Berkeley and complete my honors thesis, where I conceptualized, designed, and then executed a year long research study of my own. Connecting my passion for psychology research with my interest in design, I realized UX research was a way for me to actualize the theories and concepts from psychology to create concrete products and tangible solutions. 

I am curious about cross-cultural design and research, passionate about using design thinking to drive sustainable behavior, and always listening for memorable stories.

On a more personal note, I love being outside, from hiking on the border of Tibet to scuba diving in the Caribbean, dancing ballet, and creating art! 


Go bears!