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Models of Music Identity


This case study has been abridged and altered in order to maintain client confidentiality. 

Project Overview

While at Reach3Insights, my team and I worked with a global music streaming service on a number of projects about young adult music streaming habits and preferences. This particular project was one of the largest most holistic projects we conducted together.


From start to finish, I was the lead researcher for the project, which meant that I was responsible for all aspects of project management as well as conducting the research. Our Research Director provided project guidance and expertise while our other consultant was brought on to provide field management and moderation support.

Business Need

Our client already had a strong user-base for their streaming services and a set of streaming programs, however, they were struggling with retention and wanted to offer something unique that made their experience sticky among younger audiences. They brought us on to conduct research to explore the space, from which they would be able to start creating concepts to elevate the current experience.

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